Chris Huling



Office: (907) 694-6637

Mobile: (913) 683-4548

Chris started in real estate in 2020. With a variety of career experiences such as the Army, firefighting, personal training, management, home and road construction, tires and warehousing Chris’s field of knowledge and attention to detail has brought great value to our team and our clients. Born in Palmer back when the DMV and Courthouse were the hospital, Alaska has always been Chris’s home and helping fellow Alaskan’s with one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives just made sense. As a veteran Chris embodies the values of trust, honesty, loyalty, hard work and respect. Chris has the unique experience of buying a home without a real estate professional’s guidance and can tell you first hand the hardships that process brought him. "I want to help other from making the same mistakes I did." Chris has a passion for his community and is constantly promoting local small businesses. A quote Chris likes to reflect on is “The day you realize you don’t know it all, and neither does anyone else, will be the day you start learning everything.” To Chris, a constant reminder to stay humble and continue learning pushes him to get better every day.